A comprehensive resource bank of recipes, products, restaurants and hotels for coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivities. There’s also a blog where I, ahem!, post a recipe monthly!

Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink
A blog written by health journalist Alex Gazzola about issues related to coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergy and food intolerance.

Adventures of a gluten free globetrekker
A blog by the Gluten-Free Mrs D, detailing her gastronomic discoveries in far-flung lands – not only gives me wanderlust, but makes me hungry to boot!

A blog written by Caleigh who has coeliac disease and Crohns disease – Caleigh also sets us the fiendishly difficult Great Gluten-Free Recipe Challenge.

Flicker of fully fun
A blog written by Hazel with topics including, but not limited to, coeliac disease, gluten-free cooking and gardening.

The Gluten Free Student Cookbook
A blog, and more!, written by Saara about simple, easy and economic gluten-free eating.

Gluten Free By The Sea
A blog written by Kevin about coeliac disease and gluten-free life in Plymouth.

Family Life in Fife
A blog written by Debbie about family life, living economically, gluten-free cooking and, more recently, about living with neonatal loss.

Gluten free cake lover
A blog written by Kelly about all things of a gluten-free cakey nature.

Little Missed Gluten
A blog written by Laura with recipes, restaurant reviews and more.

The Hungry Boyfriend
A blog written by Matthew with recipes, reviews and discussion.

The Happy Coeliac
A blog written by Samantha including recipes, restaurant reviews, travel and gluten-free coaching and support